Playstation 1 Game Question.. Jade..
  • Cocoon.. I am very sorry I do not know where this question would go (if any place) in this playstation forum. I just got the game not so long ago from a game shop and have been playing it religiously.. LOL.. (with no book) and have found basically all the help i need through the search engines.. and now i'm finally stuck.. :confused: i am trying to find the key that goes to the door behind the Moth Forest main door.. the slot looks like the one to the door to the snowy place where Kikinak is. i found ONE direction on how to get the key and it was basically this: the path that goes to the right you take a path that vines to the left.. ohhh ugh.. i need more details than that.. please help me..
  • I looked for game guides but am having a bit of trouble understanding them and being able to relate them to your question. I can find the part about the moth forest and kikinak, but then the directions they give are confusing :(
  • thank you for looking in the game guide for me.. i did also before i posted.. he he.. but anyways please delete this thread.. i just kept doing stuff and trying different things.. it turns out defeating the poacher was needed. thank you for reading and responding to my post though. :)