Question about PS3 Asia Network
  • I live in Taiwan, but my Chinese is not very good, so I can't understand that much in a Chinese language game. Does the PS3 Asia network contain English language releases for download/buy, and is Taiwan part of Japan's network Hong Kong's network, or is it self-sufficient? Is it possible to get a list of the games available on the Asia network and future release games? I really like Sony, but I don't like shelling out 18000 ntd for something that is going to cause more frustration than entertainment.
  • Taiwan has its own store, fully independent of the Hong Kong or Japan stores. You could set up separate users with fake addresses to see what is offered in those stores and check out their demos and videos but you likely would not be able to actually buy anything- the stores are set up to not take credit card payments from cards registered outside their service area. Due to location you are going to have to make do with what is offered in the Taiwan store when it comes to purchased downloads such as PSP games and original titles such as flOw.
  • Is it possible to use Paypal as a form of payment? I think I remember Paypal allowing you to use credit card numbers associated with your account. I haven't used it in about 2 years though.

    Do you or someone else know what is available on the Taiwan store? Are there many English speaking games?
  • No, you cannot use PayPal as a payment option. At the moment you can only use credit cards directly.

    As for seeing what is in the store, the place is set up in English so it is easy to see all that is available. if you are seeing it in Chinese go into your account management and change your preferred language.
  • I haven't bought a PS3 yet, so I was wondering if anyone else had access to see what was offered in the Taiwan store. I'm hoping that I can get a debit card from my bank in Taiwan after I get my Work Visa extension. I am without any form of credit card at the moment...
  • I went to 3C today. It is the big computer superstore in Taiwan. I asked them if they could show me the Sony Online Store. It appeared that everything on the store was in English, and that all the games/demos were also in English. I was a little bit shocked by that. I had thought that since Sony is a Japanese company that there would be more games in Japanese. We are as close as you can get to Japan, so there is a lot of Japanese things here already.

    I think I will be getting the PS3. I talked to the store clerk and he said he'd give me 10% off of the three games (Fight Night 3, Gundam Crossfire or Gundam Musou, and Resistance: Fall of Man) and the extra controller, making the price for all of it 23,000 ntd; which is almost $700 US. I'm not sure if it is Crossfire or Musou. I know they had both, but I forget which one was in English. They let me try Ridge Racer 7, but that was a huge disappointment of a game. The graphics were good, but the game play was way below anything reasonably par. I felt forced to finish the race, because people were watching me play, not because I actually wanted to.