Baulders gte dark alliance
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    Well I am playing Baulders Gate and I am pretty far. But in the ice caves in Sunset Mountains... How do u kill the dragon???? I have tried everything. If I go up and try to hack at it, it freezes me and I am so slow so it can deal out more damage. Also, I use my fireball,( I am a wizard) and it barely does anything. I would appreciate an answer Thnx!!
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  • I think u should post this in the "PS2 Game Help Section" for some answers...
  • Seeing as this has not yet reached the "PS2 Game Help Section" I thought I would answer. But then read the thread again and realised I beat the Dragon with the human using flaming arrows.

    fatfish109 if you watch the Dragon you should be able to use your special powers when it is on the ground. When it is in the air, run away and hide. I am not shure if the wizard can use arrows but if yes then you dont have to get to close to the dragon which makes dodging its ice-blocks much easier.

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  • Baldurs Gate,

    Great Game. I myself have played the Dwarf. On regular and currently extreme levels. I have passed the dragon on both. The best way to attack the dragon is from the side. If you watch he will spit several ice boulders but they are in a cone pattern. If you come in diagonally from either side you should be able to avoid the breath weapon. Once you get to the neck - side of the head begin attacking. With the Mage it's important to have alot of the blue bottles that fill your magic. The dwarf needs lots of red potions (as back up). The best attack to use against it is as a mage would be an electrical attack that does multiple damage for as long as you use it. Also it helps that you have the best possable weapon available to your class. And if you have a bow or other ranged attack you should be able to hit the beast when it's flying. That usually makes him drop. I find myself running in circles trying to avoid the falling debris until it lands. Then swoop in and attack. The bull rush helps to get in quick. I hope this has helpped. Good luck and have fun. :cool:

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  • As the wizard elf on Hard difficulty I killed the Ice Dragon with level 1 Fireball. Just stand to the side and pick away. Patience is a virtue.