• I am currently playing the girl's story and am stuck at the seal of lightning.
    Have done the other three so I know I'm doing it right. All weapons, armour,
    accessories,etc are upgraded to the max. What di I do?:confused:
  • hi, sorry i know this wont help you but i need to ask so Q# im stuck in the human reserch lad and there is one closed off area i cant figure out how to open it. then there is the lift in the middle of the room that says i need "transportation palmira" what is that and where can i get some? um and then there is the gree room what is the point of that? there is nothing in there O_o
  • Use the Solta Bow to take care of the lightning seal.

    Obsesion- up in Human Lab Level 2 there was a green room that you had to run to get into before the gate closes. This is just after the battle with Ammit. After picking up the sacred rod he drops flip a switch and push a button nearby- this opens a gate to a green room which slowly starts to close. When you get in you'll see a table with 3 vials on it. Go to it and choose blue, red, black (don't forget to get the billiana fruit from the collapsed man before the battle, btw). This will get you the teleport palmira.
  • thx it worked great!