Cant load any disc
  • It is not reading any disc not even the dvds or cds. So please help me to repair it. I shal be thankfull to you...........Afnan
  • Have you tried cleaning the lens, Afnan? You can use a cotton swab an a very small bit of rubbing alcohol for this. Be careful not to use too much or the alcohol could get into the circuitry. You may also want to try using a DVD lens cleaning kit if you don't like the first idea, available at most electronics shops.
  • i have tried ur advice thnx but it is still like the smae condition still not playing any games do you have any idea of repairing it if i can repair it my self send me some pictures or videos so ican fix it easily . the version of my ps2 is scph-5004b
  • Your only option then would be to call Sony and see if they can fix it. There's going to be no way out of paying some cash for it.