Trust Sony to make it complicated!
  • Hi All,

    I actually hate the Playstation 3 now! with pure passionate hatred! (right now i have said that i'll explain why! lol!) :mad:

    A friend of mine is rellying on me to keep his "technology" maintained seeing as he knows sweet f**K all, but I can keep the XBox 360, PC, and multiple laptops up and running with no problems and a lot of complicated rules on the router :frown: however when it comes to the PS3 all hell breaks loose... on direction from Sony, the PS3 is now on a DMZ (after just allowing the 6ports it requires)

    I have got pretty much all the errors that i have been reading on your forums!

    i've had DNS problems (now sorted with the use of the DMZ)... TX TCP reset request coming from some random server on the net to the PS3??!!? (god knows who it was but have blocked them now and thats sorted).... however now it seems to have just pulled out all the stops and refuses to do anything than browse the internet (and i'm sorry to swear but if i wanted to browse the f***ing browse the internet i'd use the computer)!

    The PS3 itselfs seems to be a homing beacon for hacks aswell... after reseting the router i get no firewall action, however gauranteed as soon i connect the PS3 (via Wi-Fi by the way..bas**rd sony cheap skating on their wifi cards sounds just like sony!) i get all sorts of hacks...DOS..General Hacks... port scanning..!

    Basically I wanted to know whether anyone was having a good experience, and what their setup is (in order to gain this good experience lol)

    All these problems seem to disappear btw when the ps3 is hardwired however thats not possible as the router is downstairs on the other side of the house!


    any solutions or questions will be greatly received... I am an ex It and Network manager, and also own a company in web and graphic design... so i'm fairly experienced and any suggestions will be seen through... I NEED TO GET IT's the bain of my excistence lol!

  • Putting the PS3 into the DMZ isn't really necessary, i think- have you tried bringing it back in and set up a custom IP address for it in DHCP? That random server may have been Sony themselves for the PlayStation Store, messaging from friends, etc.

    One other thing I was thinking you could try is skip the wifi card altogether and pick up one of Linksys' wireless adapters, which plugs into the ethernet port. You would get your wireless connection while making the PS3 think it is on hardwire. it would probably pick up the wireless signal a lot better than the card inside the PS3 as well.
  • Good thought about the ethernet adaptor... the random server isn't Sony i range them up on their helpline and was told it wasn't theirs!.. as for the moving the PS3 out of the DMZ..consider it done ( i have also unlocked the 6 ports that i know about!)... now no connection to playstation network being made at!... any other suggestions? lol!


  • As I mentioned before, did you try setting up a custom IP through DHCP on your router and add that to the PS3's settings?
  • the DHCP is setup to give the PS3's Mac address the IP address and up until about 10mins ago the the router was also applying a DMZ to the IP address, however I now only have 5 rules in the Firewall filter to allow the required ports

    Cheers Alex