PS2 Slim Disc wont spin
  • I have a PS2 slim model SCPH-70012 If I insert either a CD or DVD game the disc never spins. The laser moves forward and you can see it turn on for a second but the disc never spins. I don't get a disc read error when a disc is inserted only the opening screen on the TV. It is as though the disc is never detected by the game. I have cleaned the lense and lubed the guides and tried adjusting the laser nothing changes. Any Ideas?
    Thanks Ed.
  • Sorry to say, eddie, but your PS2 disc drive is history. Your only options right now are to call Sony's tech support and talk to them about repairs/ replacements, pick up another PS2 on the cheap (either of the first two will likely cost the same) or upgrade yourself to the PS3.
  • Thanks, I appreciate your help.
  • Hi, I had some problem with my PS2 and recently I found a great tech support site that helped me fix them.

    Here is the page for PS2 Slim Support

    Hope it helps