Mickeys Wild Adventure PS1
  • I am a senior citizen who has recently acquired a ps1.Have been given a few games and presently have problem with Mad Doctor Level,screen after elevator,just stuck and cant seem to get out and proceed.Any help on this and other parts of game please.
  • Push the beaker under one of the orange poison spigots. Now climb up to the top and, watching out for bats, jump on the spigot and poison falls into the beaker. If you kill the bats they come back. Once the beaker has one drop of poison from each of the three spigots and is full of gray liquid, push it onto the burner at the right. Use the beaker to boost yourself up to the ledge and hit the switch. The screen darkens and the beaker starts shooting sparks. Wait on the switch until the beaker explodes and destroys the wall. Go into the corridor collecting as many marbles as you can. Go right until a door closes behind you. Now go right and prepare for the boss.