Mystery Playstation One Chrome guns
  • First off let me say what a great site you have here !

    Secondly i need some help, i purchased these guns a few weeks ago for my playstation as they looked great. However i can not find ANY others like these ANYWHERE, i've hunted the internet and ebay for others since i bought these ones looking for more as friends would like them
    I was wondering if anyone on here and tell me anything about them ?

    The 5treet

  • The top one looks very similar to the GunCon, one of the best light guns made for the PSOne- but it isn't that one. It is very similar in design to the XK10 light gun manufactured by 4Gamers- yours may be made by the same people. It is compatible with most GunCon games on the PlayStation and PS2 such as the Time Crisis series and the Point Blank games.

    Your second gun, I believe, is the Golden Bullet by Naki. They made this along with some other gun peripherals that looked more like real guns for those that didn't like the look of the GunCon (or wanted to act out their James Bond fantasies :rolleyes:). I forget now if this gun was really much good as far as manufacturing- Naki really was a bit lax on this end with some of their peripherals, being unlicensed by Sony.

    Anyhoo, hope this helps you out a bit.
  • Are these worth anything ? as i have never seen anything like these before ?
  • No, you wouldn't get much for them as far as collector items go- they both run at about GBP 20 to 30 each, which is about the same as when they debuted in the market.
  • I just found out these are the prototypes for the first of the chrome guns made, and were never released onto the market, they were the look and design of the ones that did make it onto the market, i was at a game convension 2 days ago and i was offered $1500 for them ! I didnt take it as i want to keep these.
    Thanks for all your help in this matter.