Eoe: eve of exctinction.
  • I went to my blockbuster and I saw the new Eve of exctinction game from Eidos. So I desided to check it out. But now im stuck on the first boss. ANd if anyone knows any codes for the game that would really help me out also, thanks.

    i am disguested by u code heads
    eveytime some code head walks into my store
    an ask for a freaking Gameshark an a stratagy guide (why the fu*k would u need with 2 cheat items)
    i get P*ssed off at u LAZY gamers.

    what ever happen to the dayz when u had to play the freaking game without saving? Huh

    what about the dayz u would make it to the last level an then your freaking system freeze on you

    man u next gen gamers are lazy, where would u guys be with out Gameshark....

    anyway click the link Below for some help
    [URL deleted as it didn't comply to the forum rules.]
  • First off, there's no point in flaming people that use cheat devices because it won't stop anyone. Personally i see no problem with what other people do when gaming. Gaming wasn't made to have rules that you have to follow but rather to have something to have fun doing. As long as you enjoy your gaming then do as you please. If gamers want to use a cheat device well i say, to each his own. Second to get the Twin Daggers(best weapon in game) all you need to do is finish the game on any difficulty and when you start a new game the next time then you'll have the twin daggers. There's not really any cheats that will help you beat any of the bosses. If i see any then i will let you know about them. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Well I beat the game before I could get any feed back from anyone. But I just wanted the codes because I didnt like the game and I wanted to beat it before I returned it to blockbuster, okay? I