Awesome Custom Guitar
  • I love seeing the things people can make when they go crazy :p. I like making stuff here and there, but some people go all out.

    This guitar is the perfect example. I am terrible with a guitar, but if I had this one in my possession, I think I would learn
    REAL quick how to play it.

    *Note: It's supposed to look distressed! That's whats so cool about it.*


    Ain't it cool? Check out the rest of the pics, and you can also bid on it at eBay ;) here: The Villanizer Custom Guitar
  • WOW thats awesome
  • Yessiree, it is very awesome.

    He's a talented artist, to be able to take a base model guitar and turn it into something medieval :)

    Did you see the winning bid? After FIFTY-SIX BIDS on eBay (WOW), He made $2,275.00 USD off of that guitar. That's amazing to me.