Who wants to move to Taiwan - check out this deal
  • BenQ LCD 32" 1080p model number vh3243 plus the playstation 3 for $1,211 USD. I've been fishing around for deals, and I just don't think I can beat $672 USD for a 32" LCD with 1080p. I had the store hook up the PS3 with the HDMI and I was blown away. They were running the intro screen for RR 7. When I get paid on the 5th this is my TV.
  • I'd like to visit Taiwan. I want to try the food there. What is it like?
  • Tainan is famous for the best food in Taiwan. Squid, crab, and the like are all really good. The food here is nothing like you imagine from non asian countries. There really is no comparision.