• Here is a cool code for Dead or Alive 2 w/ gameshark

    4ccbf634 1456e7a1

    select kasumi's first costume ;)
  • Hey I have seen what this does. Question, why can't see play in that form in Story Mode or anything else? Is it just am eye peeler or a glitch?
  • Doesnt it show her shirtless B) ? I have the game but I dont have a gamershark. so I havent really seen it. :(
  • Yeah it shows her totally nude but I'm not sure if there is a way to have her play in a real game that way.
  • you cant play her nude its only in the character selection menu.

    the american publishers added it but they got sued for intellectual damages by the japanese creators
  • Man that sucks!
  • you might be able to hack it yourself, though it might be hard
    it was really hard to hack that one
  • How did you start yours when you went at it?
  • i looked at the costume codes for kasumi(since she's first on the menu) i mixed some letters/numbers around. but since in the menu thats y it isnt playable.