Slim PS2 AC Outlet Problem
  • Okay, I'm sad to say I've neglected my playstation for a few months since I bought a Wii and few new games for my PC.

    The one day I feel like playing my PS2 again, it didn't want to turn on. Or rather, it didn't want to stay on.

    At first I thought it was just the power cord. So I went ahead and bought another and no, I'm still having the same problem. If I connect the power cord to the ac/dc port and pull the cord all the way to the left, my ps2 will turn on and everything will work. But once I let go, it'll turn off. I'm thinking the yellow part, the ac/dc outlet is screwed up.

    Any way I can get that replaced, or will I just have to buy a brand new console?

  • Sony would be able to fix things up for you, just have to talk to their tech support to arrange things first. Seeing as you are out of the warranty period (90 days from purchase) you will be charged for shipping and possibly labor. They will explain all over the phone. The number can be found in the system manual.