• Hello i need psp help

    I heard u can play ps1 games on psp how do i and for free??

    Hello i need psp help

    How do i play plasystation 1 games on psp and for free?

    I need to know how to play ps1 games on psp and were do i download for free and how?? pliss help me i wanna play final fantasy ir something on me psp
  • There is no legal way to get PSOne games to play for free on the PSP. Some PSOne games can be purchased from the PlayStation Store on the PS3 and downloaded to the PSP. If you don't have the PS3 yourself maybe a friend would be willing to do a purchase on your behalf (they're only 6 bucks or so).
  • Cheers 4 The Reply Yeah My M8 Has A Ps3 Ill Get Him To Buy For Me Cheers Dude :)