• i wanna ask that do u know in wild arms ps1 where to go and what to do in volcanan trap after taking the mistress at the treasure boxes :confused: please tell me at [email]bl19ue@yahoo.co.in[/email]
  • First examine the locked entrance and Calamity Jane will whip out a huge
    bomb to blow the door down. Once it's opened, head through the doorway
    and up the long hallway. Pass through the next room and climb down the
    staircase at the end of the next long hallway. Head right in this next
    area and get the Potion Berry in the chest. Go south from there and pick
    up the 971g near the big puddle of lava (be sure not to step on any of
    the lava in here). Walk around the puddle and use Hanpan to get the
    chest containing a Magic Carrot to the south. Head left and have Hanpan
    grab the Silver Harp in the chest in the southwest corner of this room.
    Continue up and then right to two chests containing a Bullet Clip and
    Secret Sign. Keep heading up and use Hanpan to get the 1800g on the

    Now, return to the very southern part of this area and go through the
    doorway there. Use the Grappling Hook to get across the lava and then go
    down the staircase. Head southeast and push the purple post (or whatever
    you want to call it) down a little ways. Grapple across the lava and
    open up the Arm case to get the Rocket Launcher Arm for Rudy. Cross back
    over the lava and head south. Use the Grappling Hook to get across the
    lava there and continue to the west. Push the purple post to the right a
    little ways and grapple over to the chest containing a Lucky Card. Hook
    onto the purple post to get back across the lava and then head north.

    In this area you'll find a huge pool of lava with a maze of posts
    amongst it. Just use the Grappling Hook to easily maneuver through this
    area. There's a Crest Graph to the south, a Potion Berry to the
    southwest, and a Revive Fruit and two staircases to the northwest. Climb
    down the one on the right first. Pass through the next two halls to
    reach the treasure room. When you get there, Jane will leave your group
    and stay here while you look around some more. So go back to where the
    two staircases were and climb down the one on the left. Pass through the
    first hallway and climb down the next staircase. Head down the next two
    staircases and go through the doorway on the right. You'll emerge in a
    room that appears to be a dead end, but inspect the wall and you'll hear
    a strange sound coming from the other side. Then, none other than Zed
    comes crashing through the wall. He's itching for a rematch, so get
    ready for round two against Zed.