Decent broadband company
  • I have a slightly strange question. Who's a good company to get broadband from?

    I've been looking a numerous companies and cant decide who's better. BE is'nt available in my area, Im waiting for Virgin Media to get back to me, as a house mate of mine already has broadband with them. I was also looking at Bulldog, but i dont fancy forking out
  • After being messed around by Orange I was a bit dubious about who to go with.
    Zen were recommended to me by various internet forums, and the fact they've won quite a few isp awards swung me in their direction.
    I must say they're not the cheapest out there but when it comes down to needing tech support and reliability, it's well worth paying that little extra.
    Currently I pay
  • I think the allowance would be a bit to low. What does the 20 gb a month roughly translate to in gaming hours and what connection speed do you have?
  • The 20gb doesn't get used up during gaming because your not downloading. It only matters when your downloading movies or music files or ps3 games. I'm currently connected at 4mb because thats all my exchange will allow, but it allows up to 8mb.