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  • You need to pick up the battery thats next to it and USE it on the lift to power it up. Next just go over to the lift operator panel and press the action button to operate it.

    Quite a few of the doors are also battery powered throughout the game, so keep charging the battery whenever you get the chance.
  • When you find a battery charge station you can charge more than once. But I found the game to be so slow, I quit playing and took back (rental.) Too much do this, do that and not enough shooting. And when u do get to shoot, it's just at those little blood suckers and U only get one weapon that sucks too. I had more fun letting the suckers infect me and then hacking them little suckers with the knife.
    Try Winback. It's kinda slow too, do this, do that, find this, find that. But more action shooting (not a whole lot) and more realistic weapons. Do the tutorial first and u'll be an expert in minutes. But like I said I didn't give extermination a whole lot of chance so, maybe it gets better.