• Im sure most of you are farmiliar with this error, i bought this V10 PS2 with a DISK READ ERROR for 25$, they had tried to fix it before they messed up the two tracks, is reset them both. I think the only problem they had was the track that moves the eye around, it was skipping, and only need some wd40, and the lint cleaned out.

    any tips on seting the two tracks? Thanks
  • I called sony today, and guess what. They want a total of 45 dollars to replace the system + 2.75 tax + 20$ for shipping etc... + money i paid for the system 87.75 to replace the system. thats almost the cost of one. i need this thing fixed im bugging to play my ps2 help me :) thx
  • two locate the two tracks you need to take out the bottom screws, and the top cover

    then unscrew the the top disk cover, hit eject, POWER OFF, then remove the cover.


    on the top right and left there are two round gears.

    This would help if anybody has extra time, i need to know exactly how many notches each gear needs to be raised. (if you attempt to see exactly how many notches you can mark your original setting with a sharpie)

    im experimenting as of now, raising the right one 2 notches , then the left raising it 4 notches, and then see if i hit the sweet spot. Then another 4 notches trying it again untill it drops then raising the right one 2 more notches .etc.

    THANKS alot
  • If i can't fix it i might buy my 4'TH ps2 thats pretty rediculus 130$


    dont know what to do hmm
  • Hi Corey,

    Don't but a new one, at least try to fix it. I recently found a great tech support site that had a really good tutorial of how to fix this error. They have step by step information and photos!

    Here is the page for the Disc Read Error Solution

    If you don't want to fix it, but a PS3 I have one and I had no problem with it yet...