Crash Bandicoot 3
  • I have a serious queston about this game,on this site ive noticed that someone named mark murrin had said he found a secret that If you beat Cortex and go back to bye bye Blimps there will be 20 Ballons and if you shoot one that has a Cortex with a Blue face then go back to Warproom and youll find Cortexs brother.Now I think this may be a link i have looked for for awhile,cause my uncle played the game all the way through and i loaded one of his saves and there was like a whole new battle between Cortex and UKA UKA!I have no idea how he did it but id like to know if someone could tell me if you know how to do it or if what Mark Murrin said on the cheats page of Crash 3 said really works cuz i tried it but it didnt work or maybe i did something wrong.Please help me figure this out.:confused:
  • Yes, bye bye Blimps what Mark Murrin said. Crash 3 really works, but also I have questions for Mark Murrin, if you beat cortex where are bye bye Blimps. THe person Mark Murrin please help me figure this out. WHere is the secret Mark Murrin?
  • Not sure are you referring to this ?

    SECRET Secret Levels

    There are two secret levels in the game that I don't think you can access until you beat the game.

    The first: Hot Coco, which can be accessesed through Road Crash. When you see the sign that shows an alien head, hit it and you will be transported to Hot Coco.

    The next: Eggapus Rex, is accessesed by going throught the yellow gem path on Dino-Mite! When your running from the triceratops, let youself be taken by the second pterodactyl. You will be transported to this cool level.