Ten Pin Alley Instructions
  • Hi, I bough a used Ten Pin Alley PS1 game for my kid but no instruction was included. Does anybody knows how or where I can find the instructions to play this game?
    How are the meters used?

  • Its been ages since I've played that game and I don't have the manual for it anymore. My ps2 won't let me play psone games anymore so I'll try to tell you from memory.

    On the meters there should be places where you can stop the bowlers backswing and also another one where you press a button again to let go of the ball. Im pretty sure you just press X, the other buttons are used to make noises like "choke" and "loser" while others are bowling. If you don't press the X button in at the correct times the character will do some funny things like drop the bowling ball on his head or something like that.

    I hope this helps, its been a really long time and this is all I can remember. I'll post again if I can remember anything else.
  • Thank you. I keep dropping the ball on my toes.