Tony Hawk 2 freezes up at the end
  • I spent weeks beating every skater 100% and the extra skaters. I get to Rodney Mullens (who would be the last skater for me) and a will complete him 100% on the Mexico challenge- after it shows the first video where everyone is falling, the screen shows saying I got all golds medals and watch this video then go skate. Then the screen goes blank.
    I have cleaned the CD, repeated this at least 10 times.
    I want to see those extra levels! This is really frustrating.

    In a related question, I can't figure our how to do the cheats? When I press X it comes unpaused.
  • anyone..........?
  • Part of the problem may be overheating- try taking a vacuum cleaner to the air vent holes to suck out whatever dust may be in there.

    As for the codes, try holding down the L1 button as you enter them.
  • Thank you for responding. I tried the vacuum cleaner idea, but the thing is, I have done this from just starting the game system. Turn it on, go to the Bullring level, get the gold, the game freezes up after the video with the skaters eating it. It doesn't freeze up at any other point in the game. I have cleaned the disc and even resurfaced the disc.

    As for the codes, I have been holding down L1 and it unpauses anytime I hit X. Maybe my L1 button doesn't work.
  • I am pretty sure my L1 button is broke.

    Any other ideas about the game freezing up at that certain spot?
  • 73 people have looked at this and no other suggestions? i guess the game is defective?
  • I would assume it is just a defective game. I unfortunatly have the same problem on Final Fantasy 8. The third disc for me now longer works for some unknown reason. I've tried all the things you have and nothing helps. Sucks because FF8 is my favorite game. Sorry buddy