How do I export video from a game to a PC
  • I'd like to capture some of my laps in Formula One Championship Edition and be able to export them to my PC. How can I do this, I can't find out how to do it myself.

  • If you have a video capture card or a tv tuner card in your PC you could hook up to that and record it using the included software. Other options would be running through a DVD recorder or a camcorder and import the footage that way.

    Options are there, just need to get a bit inventive. ;)
  • But exactly how is done, just sayinng TV tuner or video capture car does tell me much. Do mean plugging the PS3 out into a video card which would then...

    What way would produce the best quality?

    Don't any game have an export video feature?
  • No, the games would not have an "export video feature". The software included with the video tuner-enabled video card/ video capture card would have the ability to record the incoming stream to your hard drive, similar to what a TiVo does. Hook up the game system to the tuner card and fire up the software, telling it to record the feed coming into the card.

    Overall the easiest option would be to record to a camcorder or use a DVD player with burning capabilities. You could then import the video via firewire with the camcorder or simply copy the video file from the DVD.