Warriors of might and magic
  • I am stuck on the third level (I think it's Enrogh). It is the one where you have to locate the green and red gems.
  • Return to the green doors and enter the Guardians of Knowledge.You'll find 3 chests to open and a crate on the other side of a gate.Whack it a few times to get the Guardian Gate Key.Use the lift to reach the top and run to the end,then take a right.Pull the lever you find and go back to the opening to the bridge you may have ignored earlier.Use the Guardian key on the door and head left when you enter to find a chest containing Fains Key.Head across the rotating blade and you'll find the Green gem.

    The Red gem is found near the end of the level.You'll be in an area with various doors.To your right you'll find a chest with treasure.The middle needs the Pillar Key to unlock it.The door on the left has the Red Gem.You will have to use the pillars to reach the doors-sunken ones rise when stepped on and the raised ones will lower when stepped on.

    You'll find that Pillar Key by searching a chest near the waterfall.You'll also find some blue rings next to the chest free for the taking-use these to teleport back to where you started this end task.

    Hope this helps you out.I realize it sounds confusing but the walkthrough I pulled this information from wasn't exactly the most professionally written.