cooling fan repair
  • hello all,
    first let me thank MCWHAMMER and MELINDA for directing me here as I am a beginner, and do not know my way around just yet.
    My problem is that the cooling fan has stopped spinning after a few days of making noises, that I would say sounded like the fan was on it's last leg.
    Anyway, As I was playing a game I heard the noise stop, looked in back to see that the fan was no longer spinning, I could feel the back of the unit getting warmer, and then the game shut off with the reset button now blinking red.
    can I replace this fan? is the websites that can aid me? any info would be appreciated greatly. gene
  • Welcome aboard, Gene. B)

    The fan may have been clogged with some dust- you may want to try taking the vacuum and use it on the vents a bit to try getting some of the dust out.

    If after clearing out the dust it still doesn't move you will have to contact Sony regarding repairs. There are sites that could help but I would only suggest following them if you are absolutely confident you can get things back together. A google search for "PS2 fan replacement" should turn up something.