• in my playstation 1 game spiderman i dont have the demo i have the actual game and when i try putting venom in it doesnt work
  • I don't recall Venom being a valid password for the original Spider-man game on the PlayStation. Here are the codes I know do work:

    CVIEWEM All characters in character viewer
    ALLSIXCC All Comic Covers
    WATCHEM All movies
    RULUR Alternate Daily Bugle Scene
    AMZBGMAN Amazing Bag Man
    BNREILLY Ben Reilly costume
    DULUX Big Head Mode
    SCOSMIC Captian Universe costume
    LLADNEK Debug mode
    DCSTUR Infinite Health
    RUSTCRST Invunerability
    RULUR Joel Jewett (Exc. Producer) in character viewer
    XCLSIOR Level Select
    MJSSTUD Peter Parker costume
    ALMSTPKR Quick Change Spidey costume
    LETTERS Scarlet Spider costume
    TWNTYNDN Spidey 2099 costume
    PARALLEL Spidey Unlimited costume
    CGOSSETT Storyboard Viewer
    BLKSPIDR Symbiote costume
    STRUDL Unlimited Webbing
    EEL NATS Unlock Everything
    GBHSRSPM What If...? mode