Driver 2 Help Needed
  • Hello Folks,
    I have recently been having a trip down gaming memory lane and purchasing PS games from ebay.
    I currently have Driver 2, I'm on the last city (rio) and on the mission where you have to chase Jones' gunman. You have to pursue him and damage the vehicle, however after having about 150 goes (this isn't exaggerating!) I still haven't completed this mission. It is now driving me mad and making me lose sleep!
    I have tried all the cheats I've found, like getting in front of the vehicle and stopping but this doesn't work and just recks my own car.
    Please can somebody tell me a cheat where if I hit him, it'll cause huge damage or if there is a cheat where I can just complete the mission without actually doing it.
    This is really getting on my pip, and giving me a bad headache from playing for hours and still not even getting any damage on the gunman.
    Any advice or cheats would be most welcome cause I simply cannot complete this mission for love nor money.

  • there r plenty of cheat sites

    but i don got driver2 only driver 1 but on driver 2 u unlock cheats and cars buy finding seceret mini games /mitions or finding secret levers in the citys i can only remember 1 that is in a cop station.


    just google driver 2 cheats i found some sites that had driver 2 cheats this morning when i was looking for som on line stors that had driver2
  • This is a #*#@er of a mission :mad:

    If you take the red car turn left onto the grass and then cut the corner right and get in front of him, once in front slow up and let him hit you until he wrecks himself
    The yellow car can keep up with him whereas the red one wont, the yellow car however faces the wrong way to where he goes so reverse and J turn to chase him. The yellow car seems a bit tougher than the red car too.

    The simplest way to finish him is to push his car into something solid, like another building and he will destroy himself for you. :o