Splashdown master code
  • Hi all, I am a newbie to PS2. I have the codes for splashdown, but do not understand when it says that the mastercode must be on. I cannot find where to input the codes in the first place. Also, has anyone found any shortcuts yet? I have only found one so far, but am just starting at it, so I will document & post what I do find. ANY code help or instructions will be greatly appreciated...ty T-Bone

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  • T-Bone,those codes you have would be for the GameShark,by InterAct.Unless you have that they will be useless to you.
  • What is a game shark? Which store sells it? Thanks for the info.
  • The GameShark is made by InterAct.Basically what it does is alter key parts of the game coding to make things easier or harder.An example would be give unlimited health.It's available at just about all game stores.Some of the codes are a bit unstable and can cause the game to freeze up-to me it's a somewhat unneccessary item.