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    My Dear Friends at API,I haven't touched this blog in awhile. I feel really guilty about that. Two weeks ago, I actually typed out a massively long blog and come to find out it didn't submit. So, all that information is lost. So I'm going to try this once more. Hopefully I don't lose it like I did last time.First order of business, the stuff with my sister. She has put her relationship to rest. She made the mistake of letting his and her relationship continue even after he had threatened her, but gave him an ultimatum. She said if he did it again, she would say enough. No ifs ands or buts. The guy agreed to this. I saw him at my house last week and hoped to speak with him about his actions and pretty much tell him he didn't want to get himself into that kind of trouble. My boyfriend was at the house with me though, and he thoroughly distracted me.:) Then a few days later, her boy came over again but my mom was home and since my mom doesn't know, I didn't want to speak with him with her around, so I decided to let him go once more. That night though, he actually hit her. The times before he just made her feel threatened and this time he full out hit her. Once she got home, she called old friends and everyone she could think of and they all wondered why she was still torturing herself in letting the relationship continue. So, she broke it off.
  • Glad to hear your sister has seen the light and broke things off with him- hopefully he doesn't try to get back into her life again.
  • Im so glad your sister has come through this a stronger person. Im proud of her and you for standng by her!!

    PS i miss your blogs!!
  • It's great that things have started to turn around for your sister. I hope for her sake that this boy can let her go. With him still texting her and "crying" (I'm sure they are crocodile tears) it sounds like he is trying different tactics to lure her back. Be strong for both of you and don't let that creep return.

    Congrats on your 21st! I remember mine involved strippers, barhopping in a limo and a whole lotta booze... :p Guess you'll be skipping that part?! Well, have fun whatever you do!
  • My 21st involved a huuuge party!!! And being so drunk on turbo shandys that i fell asleep at the bottom of the stairs at my house!!
  • Lucky you, having a b'day partay. I've never had one (I mean for my 18th OR 21st).
    My sister decided to get married the year of my 21st, so I missed out, as per usual!
    My next major b'day is oh god THIRTY!. That's in 6 years time, as I'm 24 in July.