• i need help with batman and robin, i know its an old game and probably not very popular but im at the arkham asylum and i have no idea what to do and its annoying the shit outta me! if anyone can help me it would be greatly appriciated! cheers!
  • This one's hard to find info to help with- not many people bothered to take the time to make walkthroughs of this one (understandable, it wasn't exactly a great game to go go with a not-exactly-great movie).

    Look at the floor at the start of Arkham- you should see a path wore into the floor (look carefully). Follow that to lead you on to the next area.

    Once safely through, you need to take the upstairs path that winds through the room, jumping over the collapsible floors (or taking them extremely cautiously), otherwise you'll fall down to the lower floor.

    Now onto the inverted Ziggurat. You need to head up the winding stairs, facing the Face Mask at every turn. When you reach the top platform, quickly run around - as there are sliding blocks that will attempt to push you off. If you're unfortunate enough to be knocked off, there are several switches hidden on the walls at various heights of the Ziggurat. Each switch will reset the sliding block in the wall. However, there are two switches that also activate the fans at the top of the platform - which inconveniently blow you off the top platform.

    As soon as you get to the final hallway (which leads to Mr Freeze's cell), you will need to go into the guard room where there are five switches. One of the switches opens Freeze's cell door; another opens the cell door at the end of the hallway, where you face Ivy (if she's still there).

    Hope this helps you out. :)
  • hey!
    thank you so much for your help! you sound like you really know what your talking about, having said that...will you be able to help me out with ivys lab and blossom street? only if it doesnt take up too much of your time...that will be greatly appriciated!!!!