007 Agent Under Fire
  • I can't seem to find all the bond moves available in the Night of the Jackel level.
  • Here are the bond moves in the night of the jackal level.

    After using the Q-Claw to go up to the ledge, jump over to the balcony where the sniper was.

    From the balcony, Q-Claw to the ledge beside the window. Follow the ledge around and go into the apartment through the open patio doors.

    Use the Q-Claw to get across the street to the embassy.

    Use the Q-Specs to see the secret door behind the Union Jack flag. (Facing the entrance to the large circular room, it's on the left)

    Rescue Natalya Damescu (Talk to her)

    After getting Carla the Jackal to the last point on the catwalk, move to the far right side of the room. You'll see a button near some crates, press it to kill her and here a classic Bond-esque line.

    Shoot the pilot of the gunship with the sniper rifle.