HAPPY 21st MEL!!!
  • Its your special day so hope you are treated like the goddess you are and have a fabulous day!!!!!!
  • Happy B-day have a few cold ones for me!
  • [CENTER]Happy Birthday Melinda, from all of us! Hope you get some new videogames to play :)
  • Awww thanks guys and Jane!

    My birthday has been great so far!
    My best friend gave me some lovely Cherry flavored Vodka which I took about a finger tips amount of it and tasted it.:) So I'm no longer an alcoholic virgin.

    Her and I are gonna head down to Downtown Disney and take pictures and then I'm going out to dinner with her, my boyfriend and my parents so woohoo!! It's gonna be fun!

    Anywhoo, thanks guys!!

    Hope you have a great day! :D
  • Nice choice for a first drink!!!!

    Rose wine is the way to go - Although im banned from drinking until after the wedding as it bloats me and i have to fit in my dress!!

    Hope you had a greatday!!