I am now stuck in a game called dino crsis2
  • I am now swimming using regina and there is a door that can't be open!!I also pick up a thing that somewhat look like a battery in there!!!
  • You will start off with a scene here, the elevator is blocked by
    something, and before Regina can fix it she is attacked by the dino's we
    will be facing underwater, i'll just call them dino's like i normally do.

    First a note about your underwater weapons. In the underwater area's
    you will start off with 2 weapons, one if the nail gun, this is the
    standard weapon for fighting under water, it shoots off nails after
    nails, and its unlimited. The sub weapon along this is the shock wave.
    This will send a water shock wave which will temporarily blind any
    on coming dino's, pretty useful if all you want to do is escape from
    the area FAST. The only other underwater weapon you will be able to
    buy is the Aquagrenade launcher.

    On another note, while your underwater you can use the Triangle key
    to jump, yes jump ! . Well from where you start off head to the right of
    the path and drop down the walkway, head forward on this walkway making
    sure to needle down and approaching dino's, these underwater dino's are
    really fast swimmers and they will always charge at you. Walk forward on
    the walkway and take the large drop down, enter the door right besides
    the fall off point.

    This is another control room, walk forward and you will find a control
    panel, how these machines work underwater is outta my thinking. Check
    the weapon section to find the only available weapon, the Aquagrenade.

    You should have a LOT more money then that which is required to buy it,
    anyway, buy the weapon NOW, and continue down the right side of the room.
    Save your game at the control panel first, check the machine area in the
    center for another blue file, now continue down the path and drop down a
    little, head forward and enter the large doors to the Transport passage 1.

    Here walk forward and quickly shoot the 2 dino's that come from the front,
    take the right turn and continue , a dino will attack quickly from behind
    so stay aware of that, at the end jump across the obstacle and enter the
    large doors . These lead to the Passageway 2. In this passage run straight
    and turn a little right-esh , now continue down the path, either jump over
    or walk from the right side of the pipes and enter the door at the end, you
    will notice an elevator shaft here but thats not important.

    Now you will come out in a huge area, this is the water circulation chamber.
    Here first off walk all the way in front of you, you will be attacked by
    quiet a few dino's in this room so always keep an eye out and a finger on
    the auto aim button. Near the end you will see another door but dont bother
    entering it yet, instead jump on the crates which are on the left of the
    door. Jump up another higher crate and continue this narrow walkway to the
    right, jump across the gap that will come in between, and after that turn
    to Regina's left, continue forward, jump the other gap and you will see a
    cracked pillar in front.

    The game will also tell you about and will suggest that with a weapon of
    a little more firepower you can probably break the pillar, now you DID
    buy the aquagrenade right, fire a shot into the crack and the pillar will
    break down, jump onto the broken part, and another jump the previously
    inaccessible platform, enter the door.

    In this door you will see a level to the right, use it and it will activate
    the elevator, we are actually now on top of the second passageway area.
    Head forward making sure not to fall down or else you would have to make a
    long trip back again. You will see a corpse in a diving suit in a little
    lower ledge, and something near it, pick it up, its the PLUG, now drop down
    below, and make your way back to the control room, where we bought the Aqua
    grenade from.

    Once back here, head for the area where we found the blue file, use the
    plug on the machine under the monitor and you will have a scene of some
    shutters opening up in a place where we havent been yet. NOW time for
    a trip back to the coolant room. Make your way back through the passage
    ways back to the coolant room, the large room remember. Take the straight
    path like we did as if we were going back to the broken pillar area.
    But this time enter the door at the end which i told you to ignore before.

    In this little room you will find another control panel , use it and
    SAVE YOUR GAME !!!. Refill your grenade ammo if you've been using it
    to kill the dino's underwater because were about to have a boss fight
    and there aint no way to kill it then to shoot with the aquagrenade.

    After your done with the shopping take the elevator in front down,
    here head around the path and jump across the two partially open shutters,
    these are the shutters that the plug opened up, check the item near the
    body at the end of the path, its the keycard to Edward City. DONT FORGET
    THIS HERE !.

    Now to the other side you will find a dino file, this file will tell
    about the boss were going to face , Plesiosaurus. Take the elevator
    near the dino file down, head forward and enter the door.

    You will come out at the main reactor room, after Regina gazes at the
    reactor a little while, she spots something else, something.... BIG,
    and its moving towards Regina, its a huge serpent !! . The computer
    will seal off all the exits out of the room because of the sudden
    change of water currents. Regina will avoid an attack from the boss
    and now the fight begins.

    There are 2 methods you can finish this area with, fight or run, i'll
    put the two down separately.


    This is the method of the hero's and the method i suggest taking as the
    boss isnt really that hard and you will get quiet some points for it.
    As soon as the fight starts, equip the aquagrenade and carefully walk
    forward, the boss's will attack you here, but quickly shoot it with the
    launcher to fend it off. Now continue down the path and jump up the first
    elevated crate you see with some health item. Take it, climb the series
    of crates until your at the top most area, here run forward to the right
    side and enter the small cave like area, where you will find a Med pack L
    too for your convenience, staying here, wait for the boss to come on screen
    and shoot at it when you have a clear shot. The boss might lunge forward
    to attack you but if you shoot it before it does, then it will just swim by.
    After a few shots the boss will keel over and die, giving out a shit load
    of cash. The computer will open the exits now and you can safely jump to
    the exit walkway. Head to the end and take the elevator up to surface level.


    This is the method i will ask anyone who are going for a speed game to
    choose, i dont think alot of people really know about this method. As soon
    as the fight starts, start walking forward, keeping in mind that the boss
    is lurking near, and ready to deliver a shot when it lunges forward, DONT
    jump the crate we jumped in the above method, instead keep walking down
    the path, untl you reach the end , there will be a climbable ledge here too,
    jump this one and continue forward direction, here jump the gap to the
    next ledge, and a little high jump to the ledge which will take you to the
    final walkway where you will notice the blue shield which block your path
    to the elevator until you kill the boss. Shoot at the shields with the
    grenades, break both the shields, and quickly head for the elevator. Take
    it up and say AHHAHAHAH to the boss.


    After the boss fight has ended either way you would be climbing up the
    ladder out of the underwater area for good, you will emerge in an open
    area, head the down stairs right next to you, walk a little forward and
    a scene will begin, Dylan has finally caught up with Regina, we are now
    in front of the huge gates that lead into the path for Edward city.
    Suddenly Regina and Dylan are interrupted by a radio message, its David !.
    Remember the guy from the opening FMV, who blows out the T-rex's eye.
    He's still alive somewhere and he tells the hero's the good news that
    he's found the survivors. Regina hurries to the large gates and uses the
    keycard and exits through it.