• i cant connect to the internet on my ps3 using my modem (with ethernet cable) ive got 3 dns servers wich ones do i use cant connect at all.

    ps tried manulally and automaticlly
  • Best to check with your ISP- chances are it will be the first two that you will use.

    I would recommend using a router to share the connection between your computer and the PS3 (just in case you have a question come up mid-game and want to check it out here ;) ).
  • how else can i
    i dont want a router
  • Your choice on the router- it does make things easier though.

    Like I said earlier, check with whoever you get your internet from regarding the DNS servers. When you do go setting things up set the PS3 to get its IP address automatically. You may have to adjust your settings to allow for a username and password from your ISP if they gave on for the PC to log in. Read what is on the screen and if what you see isn't what you want just back up and try the next selection.

    Once things are working you will likely have to power down the modem when switching the cable from your computer to the PS3 to free up the IP address being used at the time.