Baldurs gate help
  • I've heard you can unlock an extra character in baldurs gate. How do you do this?
  • Finally something I can help with. Yes there is an extra character. It's Drizzt Do Urden (spelling) It's kinda complicated on how you get him though. First you have to beat the game on at least normal level. This will unlock a hidden selection called "The Gauntlet" (which is nothing like gauntlet the original video game). In this mode you take your new Character Drizzt and run him through a series of obstacles. Kobolds, Giant Spiders, Umber Hulks, Gargoyls, and more. If you beat this within 15 minutes (you are timed), than you unlock a very special extreme mode. You can use your normal character (at the level you last left them) and you must play the game a 2nd time. . If you beat the extreme mode then the character of Drizzt should become available to you.

    In my opinion, Drizzt is pretty neat. You cant really change his weapons because he comes with two very special blades. But he's fast and can use both blades at once. I hope this helps you out. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

    Ryoga :wave:
  • Got Drizzt, now to pass Extreme mode so I can use him. I like how the ending of the game hints at a sequel that links the story to the first game.
  • Drizzt is pretty cool indeed, I love the double action sword move.
    I never played the first game but after completing Dark Aliance and seing the ending "but thats another story" I was thinking I will buy the sequal.
    So whats up with the connection between the ending of this one and the first ?

    What a great game ! Should I buy the first one and what is it called (am I having a blond moment or what)
  • This is totally off topic but how do you import characters from other saved games and can you do this with a two player game