• Hey,
    Ive just completed my 9th work unit, on folding@home, but it says that ive still only completed 8 ????:redface: :(

    Normally once ive completed a work unit straight away, it says under donor on the main folding work screen, ''9'' work units complete but it still says the 8th so i havent got the credit :mad:

    I didnt see it upload the work unit or download another 1 because i werent there, any ideas on why this has happened and can i recover and get the credit for completing the work unit ????? :confused:
  • Rob, you had done one unit under another name, right? if so that is where your first work unit went- it is tied to that team for good. The stats shown on the screen show how many you did for the current team, not overall folding solo.
  • No, overall solo i should have done 9 wu. The first wu i done went under my name RobCoxy and went to team AP. I am on about the screen on your tv when your folding, under donor it says your name team and wu completed, it should have been 9 last night but it didnt register. Now i think i no why, lyn, could it have bin because the time ran out on completing that wu, i had spent around 4 days on it so it could have cancelled before i finished it and sent me a completely brand new 1 ????? :confused: :eek: