Pelican intercooler vs. Nyko intercooler
  • I have read many stories about PS3 overheating, and i don't want to take that chance. So I have been looking at buying an intercooler for my PS3, but don't know which brand to pick (Nyko or Pelican)? There has been negative feedback on the Nyko because it does not have an external power supply, so it robbs the PS3 of power. Will this affect the system? However I have not heard any negative reviews on the Pelican (it has its own external power supply), but it is more expensive. Does anybody own one of these intercoolers? What do you all think?
  • Husker,do not believe all of the stories regatrding overheating. If someone's system did overheat it was probably due to where they placed it, giving it little/ no air flow. My PS3 runs 24/7 for the most part between playing games, checking the store and doing the Folding@Home. It feels no warmer than it would after half an hour of gameplay. As long as you have the system in a place that is somewhat open (maybe sitting on a stand beside the tv) you will be fine.

    As for the game console coolers, do not waste your money on any of them. All they are is an attempt to cash in on paranoia. Using them may actually restrict the air coming out and do more damage to your system than good.
  • Thank you, I appreciate your opinion