• Do any of u know a cheat how tto get all levels on Crash Bash because i need help?
    I dont care about any other cheats because i know them all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Go here to find the cheats that you seek, eamonn2k. Hope these fulfill your gaming needs.
  • No i have all those cheats i wanted one that gets u all the levels
  • This is the best i can come up with for the cheat that you're looking for. I hope that one of these tips will be the right one. If they aren't then there isn't a code to get all levels as i've checked everywhere for it.

    - To get all relics go to warp room 4 and beat n. oxide 6 times then beat komodo moe and komodo joe in the 3 warp room 2 times oombiga will appear and say "go to warp room 5 and all levels will be availible

    Sent in by Anon


    If u get a high score enter your name as

    crash:unlock new players
    bouncybouncy: unlock a new mode
    aroundagain: unlock all lebels

    Sent in by Mr.X