i got some1 driver 1 glitchess i gotta tell ya
  • ok 1st glitch

    in do miamy in take a ride mode go right down the road u start on untill u get to the street with the power lines and a humpbacked bridge.
    now 1 of the 2 walls nearest to the powerlines u can just drive in and out of as slow as u like and your in the building.

    ok #2 glitch

    ok now do sanfransisco go south to the wherehouse now well its kinda hard to tell u witch 1 it is coz there is 4 but eny way it is the 1 of the lowest 2 wherehouses its the left 1 i fink. ok so when u knock down the boxess near the enterence of the wherehouse turn left into like a small litle space in the shape of the squer and drive into the corner of the wherehouse

    i dono i dint explane tis 1 to well so yer.