Team speak on Resistance
  • I have successfully set up my bluetooth device with my PS3! However, I don't know how and when I can use it during Resistance. Is it similar to Halo where you can talk during the game? Or can you only talk during loading screens. If you can talk during the game, how do you talk, is there a button that allows you to talk? Is it only team speak?

    Also, what are some new games that you can utilize the headset on?
  • You can chat during the game as well as in the lobby of an online game. Using TeamSpeak you can only talk to others on your team (handy for plotting strategy between team/ clan mates).

    You should be able to choose between "open mic" and pushing the R3 to talk. Open mic lets you chat without having to press anything.

    Most games out now do support voice- it's easier to list the few that do not. Ridge Racer 7 and Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII are two games I know of which do NOT have voice chat.
  • I am still not sure how to use the mic. I do not hear anybody else on Resistance using their mics. Is there some setting that I am not aware of? The devise works perfectly with my phone, and it syncs with my PS3, however I don't hear anybody.
  • Try going into the Accessory Settings on the PS3 in the Settings menu and go to Audio Device Settings. From here you should be able to select your headset as the input device (and do a mic test to make sure it is working) as well as select where to output sound coming in. Once settings are to your liking hit OK. You should have some more detail in the resistance manual regarding what to press to chat if required.
  • Thanks, got it working. You seem to know everything about the PS3!

    Couple more questions: Can I talk to a friend with a bluetooth headset if we are playing different games (as if we were talking to each other over the phone)? Also my PS3 doesn't seem to recognize my iPod having any music on it, what do i need to do? Do i have to make a playlist for the iPod?
  • Well, if i'm going to answer questions about it I should be doing my research, shouldn't I? ;)

    No, you can't chat to a friend via the headset if he/ she is in a different game. You can only chat if in the same game or start up a chat session on the XMB.

    The PS3 can't use any copy-protected music so if any of the tunes you have is bought from the iTunes store the PS3 won't play them. if you are sure the music is compatible go into music and hit the triangle button when the iPod is highlighted, then select "show all". Any music that can be played on the PS3 will appear.