NAT3, UpNp and DNS errors with wireless connection.
  • I realize that it sounds stupid to say "After the firmware update" this or that went wrong, but I have nothing else to blame it on at this point, so I'll blame it on Sony again.

    After the newest firmware update, I have noticed that it is either taking much longer to sign into the Playstation Network than it used to, it is not signing me in automatically like I have it checked in the checkbox, or either it is coming up with a "DNS Error" half of the time. Things like that.

    Now, I am using a wireless Secure connection with the encrypted WEP Key, connected to my Linksys Router - Model WRT54GS. My signal strength is 95-100% at all times when I look on the PS3 at what it says. I have not had any problems up until now, so I have a right to thing that it is on the PS3 end of things.

    When I do the "TEST CONNECTION" on the PS3, the only things that don't look right is UPNP and my NAT Number. On the Upnp, it says "UPNP: Not available, or not enabled". Below that it says "NAT3 connection". Below that it says that with Nat3, I will not be able to accept some video and voice chat sessions in games... see online instruction manuals. I haven't gotten a bluetooth headset yet to test this theory, and in the past, my connection test never said any of this nonsense :eek:.

    I am not a router braniac, and as usual, the Sony instruction manuals do nothing to help.

    I do know that I should enable this UPNP thing, but I do not know how to do that. I can't find anywhere on the Linksys Easylink Advisor program a way to change this.

    My final question is: Is Upnp something that is for wireless router connections only? Meaning, if I run an ethernet cable from my router to my PS3, will it suddenly say on the PS3: "Upnp enabled"?

    I was thorough in describing my problem, hopefully someone can describe the solution in easy terms even I can understand ;). It's just a little bit annoying. (One final note, my wireless connection works perfectly with my laptop, so you can rule that out of the equation)

  • The simplest solution to bypass the NAT bit may be to put your PS3 in the DMZ, or De-Militarized Zone. This fully exposes the PS3 to the internet while leaving the rest of your network secure.

    If you had entered anything in Port Forwarding for the PS3 (under the advanced tab) go in there, remove or disable them and save that.

    Now, on the Setup page click the Security tab. Select "enable" next to DMZ. You will also see a blank called DMZ Host IP Address. Put the IP address you have set up for the PS3 here (if that was set to automatic go into the PS3's settings and give it a specific address by choosing "custom" instead of automatic) and save the settings. You will also need the PS3's MAC Address, which can be found in system information.

    This should take care of dealing with NAT types and uPnP in regards to the PS3.

    As for if a wired connection would suddenly make uPnP available, I honestly do not know. I know it says it is there with my wired connection on the 20 GB system.
  • I had this aswell with my old Linksys router i just disabled media sharing and it started working again
  • ElemeNtaL said:
    I had this aswell with my old Linksys router i just disabled media sharing and it started working again

    Right, that's all I had to do. It's a shame I'll never be able to "Share media", but I'm not so lazy that I can't just put something on an SD card and walk from my computer to my PS3.