Top Rally Splitscreen game?
  • Hi there,

    I am looking for a Rally game that has splitscreen. I used to play Rally 2000 on my PC and it later became WRC rally for PC... and i assume also PS2?

    I used to LAN it with my flat mates and it was one of the best (optional) 2 player games i ever played.

    I have tried WRC Rally Evolved and it is a very good game but it does not have split screen mode.

    So i looked up some other rally games that did have split screen mode and tried Colin McRae 3 and Colin McRae 2005... Colin McRae 3 was one of the worst budget hover craft like rally games i have ever played and Colin McRae 2005 was almost as bad... :/

    So yea im basically looking for a rally game like WRC with Horizontal splitscreen for fun 2 player mode..

    If anyone knows if one exists please let me know!
  • hover craft games allwase seam to be low buget sh_ _house games or all the 1s i have played have been