ps2 disk tray not opening and not playing
  • i was playing .hack//gu the other day and the game suddenly froze so i reseted it, but it wouldnt load just goes to the ps2 menu like it didnt have any game on it, so i tried ejecting it the blue light was blinking but it didnt come out then the light stopped blinking,

    so i thought the disk must have jammed i opened the ps2 like i did before and got the disk out,i plugged the ps2 back but the tray still doesnt come out, does anybody whats wrong with it? i asked the guy that repairs it for me he says its the driver and his asking alot of money to repair it, and any know how to remove the disk tray its not sliding out when you open it so i could check whats wrong
  • I had the same problem with mine the other day. I think that your disk drive is finished and there is nothing you can do. Mine just started working all the sudden. It could be an overheating issue.
  • permasahan kamu mungkin dikarenakan ic driver nya rusak diakibatkan oleh spols optic yang terhubung singkat and kes ini banyak terjadi . kes ini dikarenakan disc mutu buruk .....bukan format dvd . kesimpulan ; ic driver rusak and optic spoll ....check....????? good luck.....