the grinch playstation 1
  • hi were in the who lake area . can ya tell us where the scout costume is here?
    we finished the dump and gernerator building now in who lake. we have all the tents and all the shorts but cant figure what to do next, we havent made it up the brances to swing on yet, still missing 7 copter pieces please
  • Up those branches is the way to go to find the scout costume- there is a hut at the top here. Jetspring to the roof of the hut and go down the chimney, you'll find the scout uniform inside.
  • hi lyndon m
    thanks for all your help with this game my husband and i are stuck in the lake area . there is a bp in the first part of this area we cannot get its up above the moose and near the rv with the boats on it but we have tryed the swing brances and the rock you can push to the edge of the hill the bp is on but in here the game wont let you be the grinch you have to wear the scout costume and we cant get this piece. also are there three copter pieces we cant find help please thanks
  • If memory serves you shouldn't be dressed in the scout costume as you make your way out of that hut- you should still be your regular self and be able to use the jet spring off the rock to get that blueprint. Not sure why it dressed you this time. All i can suggest is make your way down to where you can take the scout outfit off and try to make your way back up to the hut.

    The GrinchCopter blueprint pieces are spread out, 4 to each level. Here are the locations of all 16 pieces so you can figure out which ones you are missing:

    (countdown tower)
    1)In the room with the bell picture, only max can retrieve.
    2)In the countdown clock room.
    (city hall)
    3)In the mayors office.
    4)In the statue room.

    Who Forest
    (white mountain ski resort)
    5)In the cave left of the ski cabin, only max can retrieve.
    6)To the right of the ski cabin.
    (white mountain civic center)
    7)On the floor of the bat cave encased in crystal.
    8)On the ledge opposite the beast in the bat cave.

    Who Dump
    (power plant)
    9)At the far end of the area when you enter the power plant.
    10)To the far right of the second electric door that max de-energizes by
    stepping on the buttons.
    (generator bldg)
    11)Just inside the entrance to the generator bldg encased in crystal.
    12)Near the button that shuts down generator #3.

    Who Lake
    (submarine world)
    13)Near the surface over an arch.
    14)Under another arch near the other one.
    (mayors villa)
    15)On the end of the limb over the right side of the villa's roof.
    16)In the entrance to the pirates cave.