• Has anyone played Gundam:Journey to Jaburo?
    If you have how good is it?
    I want to know because im thinking about buying it. :cry:
  • While I haven't played it myself,every review I've seen pretty much were disappointed with it thanks in part to poor control.Even if you're a big fan of Gundam,you may want to rent this one out first.
  • Journey to Jaburo is pretty bad but again i own it and have played it but you may want to rent this first. Gundam: Zeonic Front will be out soon and will be a strategy type game with awesome graphics. The gameplay in the latest installment is said to be improved as well. Enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • hey i've played it more than enough, and it sticks to the series very well both in story and controles so i belive it to be a very good game once you learn how to use the controles without thinking
  • Wha What? Controls good?
  • the only thing is its tooo hard! but other than that its a good game