1.8 firmware download
  • I have tried for 2 days to download the new firmware (which is about 110mb) into my pc, but download stops after 2.4 mb. Have managed to download US version easily (again 110mb), so can't understand the problem. Is there something wrong with the site, can you help


    Dr Steve Davies
  • It is quite possible the problem lies in Sony's servers being overloaded in the UK/ European area with demand for the new update.

    Have you tried just downloading directly to your PS3 through the System Update?
  • Looks like you were right about Sony's server being overloaded .. I've now managed to download 1.8 to my laptop OK...Thanks. Also wondering if I can connect PS3 to internet via laptop. The only internet access I have at home is a laptop with 3G card. I have tried getting PS3 online whilst it is connected to laptop via network cable (laptop being logged on to internet) with no success. Is there some kind of procedure list I can follow through to achieve this?
    Steve Davies
  • To connect through your laptop you would have to enable internet sharing on it. Once that is done your PS3 connection settings would be a simple matter of going automatic with most selections. This page should explain how to turn that on.
  • Still can' get internet coonection to PS3 via my laptop with 3G card. Somebody suggested to use Winproxy software.Is there a detailed step by step procedure I can follow .. not even sure mhow to set up laptop for sharing, as I'm not sure how many ethernet cards are present between the laptop and PS3
    Thanks for any help
  • Standy, does your laptop connect to the internet wirelessly? If so, you don't need the laptop- your PS3 can connect by a wireless connection as well with the built in wifi.
  • My laptop has a 3g card which enables it to connect to the internet via a mobile phone sim card, it does not connect via a wireless router.
  • I don't have a landline at home, as all my internet a telephone requirements are provided via mobile phone technology
  • The link i gave up above your first post is a very detailed step by step for internet connection sharing and should help you out.

    Using 3G is not recommended for the PS3 for online- your upload speeds are much slower than download so your online gaming would suffer (if you are even able to connect at all).