Are these games authentic or pirated???
  • Hi

    I have tried looking everywhere online, and I am having trouble finding an answer to my question. So I thought that you experts here might be able to help ;)

    I recently won an NTSC Playstation one on ebay, with 12 NTSC games.

    I suspect they are pirated, but the seller insists they are not. So I am asking for further info from you guys.

    *The games are in normal (to me) cd covers, rather than those thicker covers that have room for the booklet and the Playstation logo written on the black plastic part of the cover

    *There are no booklets included, and the printed covers are pretty blurry - obviously not the real thing.

    *There is no holographic sticker on the cd case or anywhere else

    *The actual game disks are silver on the back. THey each have the name of the game in that silver-y writing on the back of the CD near the clear centre part. This is what I find confusing.

    *The printing on the CDs seems a bit dodgy on some of them. But they all are printed onto the actual cd and include all the copyright info and ps logos etc.

    SO what do you think?

    I have asked the seller to explain the above issues, and I'm waiting on a reply, but I was after someone more expert than me that could give their opinion.

    I can post pics if you want. or give more info.

    tia :)

  • It is quite possible he is telling the truth. The games may have been bought by him disc-only and he picked up some CD cases to ship them in as well as rinted off copies of the actual cover to put on the games to help with I.D'ing them.

    However, the fact that you say they are silver on the back has me thinking they are copies. Original PlayStation One discs had a black coating on the back to help sort them from regular audio CDs. Still, if you could put up a couple of close-up pics of the games we could say with an almost 100% certainty which is the case.
  • Thanks for that...

    The person reckons that because they are NTSC games they "look different" (we're in Australia with PAL) I thought that might be why they are silver? But you're saying NTSC are black too?

    Here are some pics of a few..there are 12 but I just picked 3 I knew were pretty popular...

    Tony Hawk's ProSkater 3


    you can see some of the pic on the front through the clear central bit. I was trying to show that silver-y writing. It actually says "TONY HAWKE'S PROSKATER 3"

    and here is the front:


    This one is Gran Turismo front:


    and back... the silver-y writing just says "P 0129"


    More in next post - 4 image limit
  • This is Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Complete front - yes the printing around the edge is that illegible irl too..


    and back - the writing says "TPH - SW - FINAL"


    I just noticed the cover for Gran Turismo says "Reference manual" under the picture of the car...???

    The other games are pretty much the same.

    Thanks for considering this.

  • The games do look to be authentic but i wonder if some of these discs may have been final versions possibly used for reviewing purposes. It is somewhat odd to see "final retail version" on the Star Wars disc. Plus, as mentioned above normal retail PSOne discs had a black coating on their readable surface.

    My conclusion? No, they aren't pirated. I'll wait for some others to chime in with their opinion on this.

    May want to get those scratches in the Tony hawk disc taken care of, by the way.
  • One thing I noticed missing from two of the discs (it may be the camera angle but I don't see them) is The Compact DISC logo and the ESRB rating. I do not have any of those games to compare but I'm sure it is a requirement. The Star Wars disc does have it, but the other two do not as far as I can see. The fact you said the writing around the edge of the Star Wars disc is illegible leads me to believe it is not an original.

    The seller saying that they are NTSC and hence "look different" doesn't sound right to me either. I don't even see the NTSC U/C on the Gran Turismo or Star Wars. Also, Lyndon is right about the black side. I went through every PSOne disc I own and all are NTSC and ALL have the black coating on the readable side.

    All this, coupled with the fact that not one of them have the instruction booklets leads to an unfavorable verdict, in my opinion. It is possible that the seller bought them in the same condition and believed them to be authentic.

    Anyways, that's my two cents. It's hard to prove for certain either way from a photo but I dislike the idea of pirated Playstation material being sold on E-Bay as authentic goods.:frown:
  • These could be test pressings of the games, but it would be unusual to have so many of them from the one seller, unless the original owner worker for a CD printing company that produced PSone games. If they are test pressings they still are not genuine PS material as test pressings should be destroyed after their validity has been checked.
  • i feel that they are fakes my dad is a comp guy and im not too bad when it comes to stuff like this but we both feel that they are fakes but dont blame it on the seller it could be like it was said the seller got them this way