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    My friends at API,First and foremost I must apologize for my recent negligence. I promised you all a summary of my 21st birthday and I did not do it. I have not felt a need to write in this blog lately because I have been needing to attend to much more pressing matters here on my home turf. Such as my sister being in counseling, my dad spouting words like "divorce" and "needing to get out of a relationship" to my mom, and somehow I have to remain calm throughout all this.
  • Hey Mel, sorry to hear you've got a few more problems to deal with. Hope you're ok though.:hug:

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a great day. Oh in regards to Vodka, apparently you can drink loads of that and you'll NEVER have a hangover the next morning, something to do with how it's made or whatever. Not that I'd know of course as I don't drink.

    Oh, as for the chat, from next Sunday I'll probably be there as I'm FINALLY getting internet at home.
    The phoneline is now on, and I'll be getting the broadband wireless router and whatnot on Monday, gaming YAY :clap:
    Er, oh and on APi whenever I feel like it.

    Anyway, once again, glad you had a great 21st,