how do!
  • ;) Hi all

    i am 36 (i know!!) years old, been gaming for 25 of those, and have just got my PS3, yay.

    Born in Leigh, living in Wigan (thats never easy!). Married, 2 children, both girls, hence my grey hair.

    First time on one of these forum type places, hope everyone is happy and content as things could always be WORSE!!
  • Glad to have you here at APi Pokerdon!

    Congrats on getting your ps3, I'm still a little ways away from being able to afford one.

    Well have fun posting!
  • i am sure i will, lots of interesting threads out there already.

    I may be here for some time.............
  • Welcome pokerdon!

    Don't worry, there are plenty of us geezers roaming these boards! Got to keep the kiddies in line, ya know! ;) Geezers Rule!

    Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!