ps1 unsupported controller
  • Hi just moved our ps1 to our daughters room with her portable - she has a dvd already attached to tv have managed at last to get ps1 on to tv and now getting message "please remove unsupported controller" - these worked downstairs - help please daughter back tomorrow and promised it would be set up!!

    Zx:( :huh:
  • How did you hook up the system, through inputs on the back of the DVD player? This may be causing part of the problem if so.

    I would suggest picking up an a/v selector switch, available at most electronics/ department stores. The out cables from both the VD player and the PSOne would hook up to this and a separate set of cables would then go out to the tv with a simple button press on the box to switch between the two.
  • Hi Lyndon - thanks for response, I have attached ps1 via tv ariel socket and ariel into connector - dvd is directly into tv?
  • So both are on separate inputs to the tv then? There goes my first theory, i guess. :rolleyes:

    This controller plugged in right now, is it one made by Sony itself or by someone else? Also, what game is this happening with? There is the slight possibility that the analog control mode may be interfering if the game in the system is one that was made before the analog became standard issue. have you tried turning analog control off?
  • ep switched off and on and all ok now - thanks everso though x